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  • Charlotte Schultz

    I wanted to leave a review because I had a great experience here. Mainly because I felt that I wasn’t just treated like a customer but as a person. Tony the owner explained things to me and answered my questions. He also did everything, testing and weighing right in front of me so I know he was completley honest. Also, he is the only person who buys diamonds and gems. So I got money for my gold and for the stones which no one else was willing to do.

  • Rita Lamb

    I had been holding onto my gold because I had been ripped off before, but when I went into the indoor market and met Tony I finally felt I found a place that would be honest. I still compared him to several places but each time he was willing to up his price and pay more than them. He even gave me a business card entitling me to $20 more each time I come back. and i will.

  • Trent

    I had some jewelry that I needed to turn into some quick cash and called a bunch of places around here to see where I wanted to go. A couple of them sounded pretty rude, like I was inconvenience to them, and couple other places didn’t even answer the phone. I decided to go down to one of the gold buyers but once I got there they made me feel uncomfortable and something just didn’t seem right. I got my quote from them but decided I wanted to try one last place to see if they could beat the original estimate I got.

    When I got to Tony’s gold exchange everything changed… the atmosphere was really comfortable and no pressure and Tony was super nice. He gave me his quote which was higher than my original quote from the other place, so he beat their offer. Doing business with Tony was like a breath of fresh air. It went super smooth and now I have my cash and know I sold it to the right place. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and will use him in the future when I need cash for my gold and jewelry.

  • Jamie

    I chose Top Dollar Gold exchange to sell my silver and gold jewelry for some extra cash. They made it really easy and fast for me and had very friendly service. They also paid more than other places that I called, I would highly recommend going here!

  • Suzanne G.

    Top Dollar is the best. Tony has a welcoming manner. He informs you of the process and
    I found the amount he offered for my old gold jewelry to be on target. I would recommend
    anyone this business to anyone looking to sell their gold in the southwest Riverside area.

  • Robert A.

    Today I called numerous places and check prices on what different gold buyers pay. A lot of them wouldn’t tell me and others gave me the run around. They kind of made me feel stupid. But when I call Tony at top dollar he was really nice and told me what he would pay but if I found something better he guaranteed to beat it. Well, I found my best price for my gold and went to Tony who beat like he said. I will just save myself the trouble next time and just go to him.

  • Steven

    I had some gold I wanted to sell so I went to a few places got some quotes and Tony told me he will beat any quote which he did I was very happy with his services, He showed me how they test for gold and did it all right in front of me and explained everything. He is very honest and really just a great guy. I would defiantly recommend topdollargoldexchange and Tony.

    Thanks so much Tony!!!

  • Shayna Wilson

    I keep forgetting to leave my comment. But I wanted to say that this past week I went and saw Tony. I basically just took a bunch of my mom’s stuff I inherited. Tony spent over an hour sorting through all the items and making we found all the gold and silver items. He even tested all the gems and diamonds and paid me for those too. He didn’t make me feel bad that it was a hodge podge of stuff and I don’t think anyone else would have taken the time.

  • Matt

    I am leaving a review because my experience with top dollar gold exchange was great. Tony not only made my experience comforting but he also weighed the gold and tested everything in front of me. I had gone to many different gold appraisers looking for the top dollar on my jewelry and got tons of different offers. Not only was Tony able to give me the best bang for my buck but he also beat the top offer I received by over 25 dollars! I highly recommend Top Dollar Gold Exchange if your looking for an honest appraisal.

  • I just got done selling some silver coins and even some precious stones to Tony and his gold exchange… Because I had a great experience I felt I needed to leave this review. Let me tell you, when your in need of cash for your jewelry and precious metals or whatever, it can be a bit of a frightening experience, especially when you need the money FAST like I did and you don’t want to get ripped off, so having the right place to go is important.

    I have found my go to place. Tony runs a first class gold exchange, no pressure, and a fast transaction. He’s also super friendly paid more than anywhere else, what more could you ask for?

  • M K

    I had some really high quality jewelry my wife didn’t need anymore and knew it was worth a good amount (like around 5,000). None of the pawn shops were offering anywhere close to that and said they would have to do extra stuff to come up with that much cash.

    So it came down to a couple places, Tony’s gold exchange and another gold exchange. The other gold exchange made me feel under pressure to sell to them and didn’t want me to leave the store to go check for a competing offer (go figure)… I left anyway and went to Tony’s gold exchange… there was no pressure, he was really friendly and on top of that beat the other place’s estimate by hundreds of dollars (and he had the cash on hand). It was in, out and on with life, the experience couldn’t have been anymore perfect, way to go Tony and THANKS!

  • Cforrester

    This is a great company to do business with! I recently
    inquired with many different shops about selling some of my gold jewelry and
    Top dollar gave me the highest offer. The whole process was quick and simple
    and they were wonderful people to do business with. The customer service that
    they provide is unmatched! I only wish every business that I frequented treated
    me with such friendly service! This is certainly my first choice when selling
    or buying jewelry because I know that they have the best prices and will not
    rip me off. I highly recommend top dollar gold exchange and will continue to do
    business with them for all of my jewelry buying and selling needs! Thank you

  • Rae Marie Alliapoulos

    I went in today! Tony was great, very nice and very efficient. His prices are the BEST anywhere. Come here if you have any gold, silver, diamonds, or gems to sell. Thank you Tony! It was a pleasure doing business with you! I will be back and tell others about your business.

  • judy

    I went in yesterday to see Tony because of his reviews and found they were absolutely spot on. He is a great guy and did pay me more than anyone else I had talked to. Also he had a diamond expert who works with him come in and pay me top dollar for all my diamonds. He apprasied them at no charge then paid me cash for them. So I got the most for my gold, dimaonds and gemstones, even the loose and small ones. Thanks Tony for having such a great place to turn to when you need money.

  • Nikki

    Tony is awesome! I had a wonderful experience with Top Dollar. They definitely stand behind their name. Every step in the process was explained to me thoroughly. Having never sold my gold before, Tony made me feel comfortable. I would definitely go back!